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Guida alle preposizioni

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Classificazione A1 - Livello elementare Classificazione A2 - Livello elementare + Classificazione B1 - Livello intermedio Classificazione B2 - Livello intermedio + Classificazione C1 - Livello avanzato


Guida alle preoposizioni

(Guide to Prepositions)


Claudio Manella, Cesare Pallante


Simple and articulate.

Translation into English, French, German and Spanish.

Exercises and answers.


ISBN 88-87883-01-7


All uses of prepositions in Italian, with 350 illustrative phrases, 150 idiomatic expressions with prepositions, translated into English, French, German and Spanish and 600 exercises organised in three levels of difficulty (elementary, intermediate and advanced) with answers.


120 pages – Size: 154mm x 220mm

Price: € 9.90