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Sì! - L'italiano in mano

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Sì! (L’italiano in mano)

(Yes! (Handy Italian))


Textbook and practical course of Italian for Foreigners


Complete Grammar.

Original readings complete with linguistic notes.

Additional texts with functional vocabulary.

Exercises organised in three levels of difficulty.

Supplementary activities for the higher levels.

A small anthology organised by difficulty and linguistic competence.

Quizzes and solutions.

Elementary, intermediate and advanced levels.


! (Handy Italian) is a practical textbook and manual for the learning of Italian as a foreign language. This means that it is at the same time a textbook for groups as well as a manual adapted for the self-learner.


In this book there is space for annotated original readings, exercises, and tests organised in three levels of difficulty (all with solutions), functional readings and tests in various linguistic registers (from the language of politics to that of sport, from Italian for journalism to literary Italian, passing through the street language, so called “colloquial Italian”.)


Together with the principal explanations, clear and simple, learners will always find annotations that state the most significant exceptions as well as notes that are useful in solving many of the problems with which students are faced.


The textbook starts at the beginning level (space 0) and goes as far as the superior level (space 26), all in a single volume! For more demanding learners there is also a Space plus, exclusively with advanced level activities (always with solutions).


Rounding it off, there is a reading Space, with texts organised by difficulty on various subjects of Italian contemporary society.


Sì! is a complete and rigorous textbook, but that also practical when affronting all grammatical subjects; in this book theory and practice are blended to obtain very efficient results. 


Claudio Manella, Sì! (L'italiano in mano), Progetto Lingua Edizioni Firenze.


ISBN 88-87883-19-X

336 pages - Format 154cmx220cm

Price: €17,90


Sì! - L'italiano in mano
Sì! - L'italiano in mano
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