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Come&perché 2

 Classification level:                                        ?

            Classificazione B1 - Livello intermedio Classificazione B2 - Livello intermedio +







Come&perché is an innovative book that brings together the practicality of a workbook with the core of a practical and synthetic grammar manual.

The inductive system has been adopted, developed in 5 steps


First step: exercises developed on various levels of difficulty (Let’s do this exercise!).

Second step: checking if answers are correct, using the solutions (Let’s see if this is right or wrong!).

Third step: grammar rules (Let’s see why we got it wrong: which are the rules that are pertinent to this grammar point?)

Fourth step: cheking exercises with solutions (Let’s see if we got it right, if it’s all clear!)

Fifth step: test (Let’s see if we still make mistakes!)


This project is divided into 3 volumes: Come&perché 1 elementary level A1 and A2; Come&perché 2 intermediate level B1 and B2 e Come&perché 3 Advanced level C1 and C2.


Come&perché 1 is available from 24 April 2008; Come&perché 2 is available from September 2008; Come&perché 3 will be published in early 2009.


Come&perché 2 (How&why2). practical exercises in Italian with solutions, grammar schemes, control tests and multiple choice tests.

Intermediate level B1 / B2.


ISBN 88-87883-30-0.

128 pages – Size 154mm x220mm.

Price: Euro 12,90.