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Idea!Uno & Idea!Due

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Classificazione A1 - Livello elementare Classificazione A2 - Livello elementare + Classificazione B1 - Livello intermedio Classificazione B2 - Livello intermedio + Classificazione C1 - Livello avanzato Classificazione C2 - Livello avanzato +



Idea! Uno

Idea! Due

Corso di lingua italiana per stranieri


(Idea! One

Idea! Two

Course of Italian for Foreigners)


Idea! is a new course book for foreigners and is addressed to elementary and lower-intermediate learners (Idea!Uno) and intermediate and superior level learners (Idea!Due).


This work was born out of more than ten years’ collective experience in the teaching of the Italian language.


The fundamental idea of this textbook is to place in a single volume the study of the grammatical structures necessary to create a solid base for the learning of a language like Italian and the need for direct communication which is each time more requested by students and teachers.


Explanations are clear and simple thanks to original and graduated texts; in both volumes we find a large number of directed activities, care has been taken in choosing vocabulary, there are exercises divided into three levels of difficulty and various quizzes.


The result is a good mixture of grammatical structures and functional and communication activities, which will help students not only to learn the language but also to enjoy it. Teachers will find their not indifferent workload reduced and made easier due to the fluidity of the textbook as well as its completeness. Speaking of teachers, they can find in the manual, instead of in the usual teacher’s book, lesson plans with notes and advice on how to get the best that the textbook can offer.


So, Idea! is a learners’ textbook, an exercise book and  a teacher’s book all in a single volume!


Catia Santi, Cecilia Ermini, Serena Valdiserri, Idea! Uno, Progetto Lingua Edizioni.

Catia Santi, Cecilia Ermini, Serena Valdiserri, Idea! Due, Progetto Lingua Edizioni.


Idea!Uno - ISBN 88-87883-18-1

232 pages – Size: 170cmx240cm

Price: €16,90


Idea!Due - ISBN 88-87883-20-3

192 pages – Size: 170cmx240cm

Price: €17,90


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