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italian language books for foreiners

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 Progetto Lingua Editors publish exclusively books for the learning of Italian as a foreign language. Our publishing house was founded on the initiative of a group of teachers that had decided to put to use their experience gained over the years, writing books that are as close as possible to the needs of those who start to learn the Italian language.


All our books are systematically used by us, day after day, to teach a considerable number of students of all nationalities, which helps us to improve their theoretical and practical contents more and more and to bring them up to date continuously, taking into consideration first of all the needs of those who are learning.

Our catalogue, designed for those who expect clear answers and exhaustive explanations, includes grammar books, books on verbs, exercise books, short stories and all other books which might prove useful to learners (beginners as well as intermediate and higher-levels) who really want to learn our beautiful language.

It is exactly to them, to all people that every day open one of our books to learn and to become better-acquainted with the Italian language, that the authors and collaborators of Progetto Lingua wish the best of luck!