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Guida ai pronomi

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Guida ai pronomi

(Guide to pronouns)

Claudio Manella

Personal, relative, interrogative, possessive, demonstrative and indefinite.

Verbs and idiomatic expressions with translations into English, French, German and Spanish.

Explanations, examples, exercises and tests with answers.


ISBN 88-87883-05-X


This volume includes all the rules for the use of pronouns in Italian. Each chapter has a great number of examples, besides exercises and quizzes divided into three levels of difficulty with answers.  In the book there is also a section that deals with verbs and phrases with pronouns (vedersela brutta, smetterla, prendersela…) with around 160 examples and the translation of every expression into English, French, German and Spanish.


112 pages – Size: 154mm x 220mm

Price: € 9.30


Guida ai pronomi
Guida ai pronomi
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