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Dizionario dei verbi italiani

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Dizionario dei verbi italiani

Dictionary of italian verbs

Claudio Manella

Translations into English, French, German and Spanish.

With examples, idiomatic expressions and common phrases.

Complete conjugations.


ISBN 88-87883-11-4


This book includes all Italian regular verbs (printed in black) and irregular (printed in black) verbs, explained with translations, examples, idiomatic expressions and common phrases where they appear. The more important verbs are accompanied by their auxiliaries, past participles, synonyms and antonyms. To round off the volume there are two-colour tables with the conjugations of irregular verbs.


408 pages – Size: 154mm x 220mm

Price: € 15.90


Dizionario dei verbi italiani
Dizionario dei verbi italiani
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