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Racconti italiani

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Racconti italiani

(Italian Short Stories)


Stefano Benni, Michele Serra, Ermanno Cavazzoni, Domenico Starnone; a cura di Claudio Manella

Original texts with linguistic notes


ISBN 88-87883-04-1


This book brings together four short stories by Stefano Benni, Michele Serra, Ermanno Cavazzoni and Domenico Starnone.


The stories are complete, with around 600 footnotes and 2,200 of the more difficult words translated at the foot of the page in English, French, German and Spanish. To complete the volume there are 40 comprehension exercises and answers to them.


96 pages – Size: 154mm x 220mm

Price: € 8.90


Racconti italiani
Racconti italiani
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