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Ecco! - Grammatica italiana

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Classificazione A1 - Livello elementare Classificazione A2 - Livello elementare + Classificazione B1 - Livello intermedio 



Ecco! Grammatica italiana

Ecco! Italian grammar




Essential elements of Italian grammar with exercises, tests and answers.

Includes a glossary with translations in English, French, German and Spanish


ISBN 88-87883-02-5 (Italian edition)

ISBN 88-87883-10-6 (English edition)

ISBN 88-87883-21-1 (Japanese edition)


Ecco! is an straightforward and easy-to-use self-teaching volume addressed to elementary and intermediate level learners (From A1 to B1).


The book, which in a short time has reached its tenth Italian edition, its fifteenth English edition and its first Japanese edition (showing how popular it has become) sets out in a short, clear manner the main rules of Italian grammar, followed by multiple choice exercises and tests with answers.


The extremely efficient combination of short explanation + study of main exceptions and irregularities + exercise + solution has over the years won tens of thousands of teachers and learners and it can be said that Ecco! has become a benchmark in the vast field of textbooks of Italian for foreigners used either in small groups under the guidance of a teacher or as an extremely efficient self-teaching book.


To make life easier for not so self-assured learners Ecco! presents between its covers many of the irregular forms of the main verbs in use in Italian: a further compendium for learners who wish to master in a short time the main difficulties connected to the use of the numerous irregular verbs to be found in Italian.


The book’s simple and friendly language, the extreme synthesis of  its explanations, the many tables with all verbal forms and the 2,000 word glossary in English, French, German and Spanish make this volume a precious instrument for all those who want to approach the Italian language without fear or doubt.


The book is at present available in Italian, English and Japanese editions.


Claudio Manella, Ecco! Grammatica italiana, Progetto Lingua Edizioni Firenze.


Italian edition:

280 pages – Size: 154mm x 220mm

Price: € 15.50


English edition:

264 pages – Size: 154mm x 220mm

Price: € 15.90


Ecco! - Grammatica italiana
Ecco! - Grammatica italiana
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